Service Pricing Info

Our pricing for HVAC services is very straightforward. Our upfront flat rate pricing model means that there are no surprises when you get the bill.

“Upfront Pricing”

This means if we find additional work that needs be done, but is not covered under a tune-up or service diagnostic/dispatch fee, we would give a price up-front first before making the repair. A couple of examples are below…


  1. Upon diagnosing a problem that caused break-down, a part was found to be non functional. You are then given a separate price to make the needed repair.
  2. Upon performing a tune-up a part is found to show an excessive amount of wear that could shut the system down some time in the near future. This part is not covered for replacement under a basic tune-up. You are then given a separate price to make the repair.

“Flat Rate Pricing”

This means when you are presented a price to make a replacement or repair; the price will always be the same, even if we run into issues that would make the job last longer such as having to drive to get the part or difficulties installing it.

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