So you have a refrigerant leak…..

What does this mean?

Your system should never need refrigerant added unless there is a leak.  Once we discover you have a leak there are considerations to be made before making a decision.  The severity of the leak, and the age of the systems will determine the best outcome.

Add more refrigerant

If the leak is seemingly small and it’s the first time you’ve ran into this problem, this will usually be our starting point.  This means we will add some refrigerant to get the system running again. Once we add the refrigerant we know the severity of the leak.  The refrigerant added could last years, or days depending on the size of the leak.  Which is why adding more refrigerant is never a permanent solution. If the repair doesn’t last a practical amount of time and you decide to replace the equipment with us, we will fully refund the cost of this repair -with-in our normal 1 year repair warranty period.

Isolation and leak search

We can perform a leak search to identify where or what section of the system is leaking. Depending on what part is leaking the price will vary to fix the leak. This is typical 2 to 5 times the cost of adding refrigerant because of the time spent in finding the leak. If it’s a relatively new system , this is may be your best option if the parts are still under warranty

New System Replacement

This is the most expensive option. However, it is also often times the most practical.  For customer that plan to move, having new equipment can add value to the home. The investment made on new equipment is typically recouped when the home is sold. For customers that don’t plan on moving any time soon, reliability, low operating cost/energy bills, and consistent service bills are important. Replacing equipment insures the new system reliability with a warranty. When equipment is reliable, energy bills are predictable, and service cost are reduced to having simple maintenance performed regularly. Click here for more info on replacement

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