Is it worth getting a cover for my outdoor Ac unit (condenser)?

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The short answer is, no… These covers do indeed protect your equipment from weather. Unfortunately they also are great at trapping humidity witch can damage electrical components and grow mold on the internal wiring. They are also good at creating a warm habitat for rodents, as they do a fine job insulating the unit from cold outdoor temperatures – especial if they are vinyl.

A good option is to cover the top only with a piece of plywood, and weight it down with bricks or a cinder block. This will keep the weather and/or tree droppings out of your equipment, and will also allow air to pass through.  Be sure not to cut the plywood larger than the footprint of the equipment.  Any excess plywood could catch the wind and blow off.

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If you have a heat pump, ignore this article. A heat pump runs in the winter, and if you cover it up, it won’t work. This can sometimes confuse people, because a heat pump outdoor unit can look just like a AC only system i.e. condenser. If you are unsure go take a look at your thermostat. If you have a heat pump the thermostat will have an “emergency heat” option. You will also notice the outdoor unit running on cold days.

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