Why should I get my furnace checked out?

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Furnaces are things that make fire to heat your home. Anything that makes fire could burn your house down, or poison you via carbon monoxide (CO). Any furnace that’s fired with oil, natural gas, or propane generates carbon monoxide. High levels of carbon monoxide “CO” are generated when the fuel /air mixture isn’t correct. This mixture is analyzed when we perform a combustion analysis. Generally it could be off because the system is dirty/exhaust problems, or ignition problems with the burner/s or a cracked heat exchanger. These are all things we look at when we perform a tune-up. This ensure’s the equipment is safe to operate.

Exhaust from burned fuel should exit via a chimney or PVC exhaust tubing that’s plumbed to the outside of your home. However, if the heat exchanger is cracked the exhaust has the potential to get inside your home rather than outside, creating a dangerous situation. This is something we look at when we perform a tune-up, and ensure’s the equipment is safe to operate.


There are parts on furnace that have a life cycle that’s shorter than the life of the furnace. These parts need to be examined and/or replaced on a planned cycle in order to ensure reliable operation. This is a major part of your tune-up.

Indoor Air Quality-

Air filters serve to clean the air of your indoor environment by removing dust, allergens, mold, VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) and other contaminants. If they’re not changed on a regular basis they can damage your equipment and/or create frequent service issues. How often your filter needs to be changed depends on your lifestyle. This is something we can advise you on when we perform a tune-up.

We have the opportunity to look over your humidifier while we are with the furnace. The humidifier is important to indoor air quality when you are having issues with dryness in the home. Typically you will notice these issues during the coolest months of the winter. Some signs of dryness are frequent signs of static electricity, waking up with a sore throat, nose bleeds,  and wood objects in the home that are cracking or splintering. Humidifiers need yearly service; If left unserviced, a humidifier has the potential to leak water and potentially cause property damage and/or mold issues.

Performance and efficiency-

This gets analyzed on every tune-up we perform. We examine this using state of the art combustion analyzers, as well as monitoring gas pressure and air temperature.

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