Three GIANT advantages small business has over larger companies.

Heating 19335 Downingtown Air Conditioning  1. Accountability- A small business person has no one to blame but themselves when the customer is unhappy. It all falls on them; so to avoid this pain the micro business person will often pay closer attention to ensure problems don’t happen to begin with. In short, the quality control is better and the reputation of the business is personal. When all problems funnel to one or two people, the solution to these problems are found fast.

   2.  Low Overhead- The micro company is often operated from a home office in a   personal residence. This business model is highly efficient, lowers overhead, and can drive down the bottom line as a result. In combination with advantage “1 ” mentioned above, the micro company is often times a superior value.

   3. Better Employees- When the owner is directly involved in making an investment in a  new employee, the decision to do so is a much bigger deal than it is to a large company. Often times large companies will go on hiring sprees just to temporarily meet demand. The decision to hire is haphazard and often overlooks the impact that employee may have on it’s customers. This practice often leads to hiring under qualified or ill suited employees. To the small business the hiring decision is vital. The new hire is viewed as a representative of the company that will  be entrusted with a large portion of the business.

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